🖋 The Great Steed

🖋 The Great Steed

We never know the reasons

Why the light led down this road

Til the last confessions have been made

By the ones who turned to stone

Your heart reacts in bitter force

Left pacing mounts behind

Til slithering apocryphies

Have damned the deaf and blind

The surrounding of the candles

Lights up the world’s defeat

As a species is left chanting

There is no way to be free

Hear no more, they will

Speak neither you nor I

No sound shall ever be uttered

Til twice we all have died

Upon the treacherous rock they stand

Amidst the gaping cliff

If one another's hands they'd grasp

No life would need be missed

New worlds they would become

New thoughts would then be named

Throughout all historical time

Things have never stayed the same

Correct the gaping wounds

Begin to fill the space

For everything is one

In this very mysterious place


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay



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