Shira + Duo and Shira + Trio

Based out of Northwest Arkansas and consist of Shira the Artist, Fred Austin on left, and Arlan on right.

Trauma Recovery Soundtrack

Sink Like A Stone


Cover of Bob Dylan's Knockin' On Heaven's Door

  • Shira + Duo

    Shira the Artist and Fred Austin met in late 2019 at an open mic. By January 2020 they were writing songs together. They continued doing open mics in the regional area and began performing locally a blend of their Americana original music with a complementary, varietal blend of classic cover songs.

  • Birdcage the Album

    In 2023, the duo began recording their first album, Birdcage, titled after their second song. Meanwhile, they continued performing and began writing their second album, Conundrum.

  • Shira + Trio

    In 2024, as they finished up writing of the second album, they added a versatile third member, Arlan.


Shira the Artist's logo that looks like her signature in light pink followed by a plus sign