The Creative Fire

The Creative Fire

I am a creative person. My brain is scattered. My emotions about seemingly trivial matters are exaggerated. My thoughts are intricate and complicated. Sometimes they make no sense at all and I have to spend time and energy sifting the reality from the imagined. I have to shape my feelings into an artform, into a physically perceivable entity separate from my self. I turn the intangible into the tangible. I conjure divine words, I make sounds with my diaphragm that reflect the inner workings of my soul. I use brushes and paints or a screen and a mouse to make manifest the visual imagery that only exists in my mind.

Being an artist is not easy, but the rewards are deeper than the vast depths of the ocean, and the journey is akin to our journey as a solar system toward the black hole center of the Milky Way. We, as a species, have no idea what’s in store for our world as we know it. Our egos make us pretend that we have relative control over our lives. Yet, we are so very, very fragile and fleeting. Compared to the vastness of space (and whatever else is out there, unknown dimensions? Heaven? Hell? multiverses?), our physical presence here is not even a blip on ANYONE’S radar. We are literally closer to nothing than we are to something.


If you believe in some sort of other point to life…

Something grander…

Something, maybe, that we’re not smart enough to understand yet…

Then maybe there is still a reason to wake up each day and feel hope… hope that your life matters beyond just being born, living, and dying. To us, the whole thing seems like a lot to go through to just disappear. So, we believe things. Things that we have gathered from experience, not just from proven science, but literally, our own personal case studies. 

We observe our lives, we observe other people, we observe ourselves. We gather information, and we draw conclusions. We form beliefs.

I have actually gone back and forth between extreme religiosity and atheism my entire life. I have finally gotten to a point where I am comfortable admitting that I don’t know anything. I can tell you what I’ve experienced, but that’s not a reason for you to believe what I believe. You’ve got your own experience to draw from, and that’s exactly where you should form the beliefs that help you navigate your life… from your own experiences. As we listen to each other’s stories, we can compare notes, and perhaps slightly alter our own blueprints based on other case studies thrown into the mix.

But please, never compromise your own beliefs based purely on the words of others. IF there are such things as higher powers and souls, these things would be highly personal, meaning your connection to these things comes from WITHIN yourself, never from someone else. It would stand to reason that if souls do exist, that individual souls could have effects on other souls, BUT an energy or intelligence big enough and powerful enough to be called THE GOD (as opposed to a god) would never need to use other souls to contact yours. That would be a being with limitations, like ourselves.

And IF such an energy or intelligence exists, THAT is where creativity comes from. I know for a fact, as an artist, that inspiration does not come from my self. It is something I channel from something or somewhere else. I have no idea where it comes from (a higher intelligence? collective unconscious? aliens? beings from another dimension?). Even as I’m writing this, I am literally just mentally sitting here, out of the way, typing the words that come through the gate. I don’t spend even a millisecond thinking about WHAT to write. The words just flow. I don’t even have to edit. When you allow inspiration to flow through you, it always comes out perfect. You may have to edit the misspelled words or typos, because it was still just human fingers typing along, but the CONTENT is best unrefined.

Creativity is a way of life. It is a calling. Many flounder in the confusion of it, because no one can really understand what they are doing as they are unleashing it. It can be hard to take the reigns of such a fathomless force and pigeonhole it into a living. It’s hard not to be consumed by the fire completely.


Image by Prawny from Pixabay

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