Stage Fright for the Songwriter with Social Anxiety

Stage Fright for the Songwriter with Social Anxiety

If you pay close attention in the videos, I shake, I wring my hands, I keep my eyes closed or frantically look around. These are all signs that I’m doing something that terrifies me… but I’m still doing it anyway. Exposing oneself to the public eye in such a blatant way is the exact opposite of the ultimate desire for anyone suffering with social anxiety… you want to hide all the time. You are terrified of other people and what they think and what they might do to you. I have been traumatized. Deeply traumatized. And I know I’m not the only one. At some point or another I’d be willing to guess that something or someone hurt you bad enough for it to change you for the worse, while you felt helpless to get your old self back. Through a long, tumultuous process, we can find ourselves again. And we will be stronger.

Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay 

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