🖋 Soundtrack of my Life: The Cult's She Sells Sanctuary

🖋 Soundtrack of my Life: The Cult's She Sells Sanctuary

The video is the soundtrack for this blog post. Play and listen before, during, or after reading for full effect...

Sorry I’ve been out of commission, guys. I had a thing happen. About a week and a half ago, I started having chills, abdominal pain, and a fever. I made it to a clinic where they did a drive-up blood test and told me, as I was puking in their parking lot, to get to the ER right away, it could be my appendix or gallbladder.

So because of the virus, Fred couldn’t come in the room with me. I had to sit there alone, having no idea what was gonna happen. They took me to get a CT scan. As the nurse pushed me into the donut I noticed something beautiful. From the inner view of the donut, there was a strip of black reflective material, maybe vinyl, about 3 inches wide, that circled the inside of the scanner. While staring at this black strip, I noticed a type of oil slick effect. There were parts that seemed to bubble, much like the tint on car windows. Some of it was big blobs of darker black and gray. And then to the right of it were big blobs of rainbow colors. They were so beautiful. But I also noticed there were smaller blobs of the rainbow colors within the big blob of black and gray. Yes, there are good and bad in the world and life, but even within the bad, there is still some good. It was like seeing a sunset in the middle of a health crisis, in the middle of a pandemic. I saw it as comfort from my higher power. I wasn’t alone in that room. And the song She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult continued playing on a loop in my head, as it had already been doing for weeks. I don’t know if the nurse saw it, but tears streamed down my face as I was being scanned.

After she rolled me back to my room, she told me they should have the results in about 20 minutes. She gave me a remote to work the TV. Ha! There was no way I was gonna be able to focus on a TV. I sat there and watched the clock tick by the minutes until I would find out if they were going to cut me open that day.

Finally the doctor came in and told me I had a severe kidney infection, and needed hardcore antibiotics, lots of rest, and a follow-up with my doctor.

I went home, and decided how I was gonna spend my 10 days of bedrest. I finished my first fucking book. 

Here’s the thing, guys. I’m not trying to be some awesome singer. I’m just a weird fucking writer who happens to be obsessed with music. It was only a matter of time before I took a crack at lyrics. It’s fun and easy to me. I love the fact that maybe, just maybe, I will make someone feel less alone in the world.


Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

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