Shira + On What It Means to Be an Artist

Shira + On What It Means to Be an Artist

You sort of channel something not yourself. It’s like you step aside and let something new just flow through you and out into the world. For me, it flows through my voice, my fingertips, or my body movements. If you really want to get the most out of your own creativity, get off your own neck. You’ve got to learn how to stop judging every single thing you come up with as pure crap. WE ALL DO THIS. If you don’t, you are a narcissist. When you learn how to let your hands create words on the screen or paper without judging it, you will allow the good stuff to come out. If you squash it before it even comes out, you’ll never know just how great it (or you) could’ve been.

Art is the direct result of focused, channeled creativity. It is the fusion of human emotion and intellect into a material thing that can be experienced by the physical senses of others. It can be heard, seen, touched, smelled, or tasted.

This post inspired by Circles by Post Malone.

Image by John HowaCrd from Pixabay 

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