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Musical Missourian Storm

Musical Missourian Storm

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An eBook by Shira Jane.

A memoirette of music and influences.

Also available on Amazon Kindle here.

--"I can feel every single word. I’m analyzing and obsessing. I get messages from the songs. Subtle, but clear philosophical messages about how experiences connect us, how feelings are universal. 

A love song from any genre is still about the same feeling. A song of sadness from any genre is still a sad song to the listener. The listener can take those words, literally ringing in their ears, and know, inside their being, that they are not the only human who has experienced that emotion.

Music reaches out and grabs the person, and forces its expression into their core. The song is literally happening within your own head, as sound waves vibrating tiny hairs, deep within the ears. There, the message of the music is sent to the audio interpreter of the brain. 

It connects the sound with other related neurons to make sense of the content. And you don’t even have to worry your little head about it. It all happens automatically, while you drive a car, or take a shower, or watch a movie. The music just happens to you. No effort needed."

--"Music unites us. It bonds us, across all lines. This strange series of interpreted vibrations that transmits through space as invisible waves. It flows past us, by us, without knowledge, until it is accessed with buttons on gadgets made of metal and plastic. 

These feelings, these experiences, this art… transmitted from the imagination of another, never encountered physically, directly into the brainspace of another, where it becomes memory and influence and connection and energy. Music, guys. That’s music."

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