Tribute to the Superheroes

Tribute to the Superheroes

Foo Fighters' Hero

Garbage collectors, healthcare workers, emergency workers, caregivers, the people changing the trash inside nursing home residents’ rooms…

The police, the officials, the farmers, the food suppliers.

WE NEED THEM, and so many others.

If you are putting your ass on the line for your fellow human beings right now, from the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. You are superheroes.

I lost one of my heroes last October. My Dad had been a career RN in hospitals and nursing homes. He became a nurse so he could afford to live and also pay child support for me. My father was also a guitarist, songwriter, and poet. But his life’s work is just sitting in piles of papers in boxes and his old guitar case sat, collecting dust. My work was kinda like that. I’d accumulated totes full of notebooks and loose, typed and handwritten pages over the decades. Most people in my life never even knew that I wrote or sang. My talents were my own dirty little secret, hidden behind a debilitating fear of rejection.


I got a job waitressing at a Hawaiian Bar and Grill. A coworker and I started an Open Mic Nite, and there I met Fred, the guitarist. He encouraged me to put my stuff out there because he said it's ‘important’. In the wake of my Dad’s funeral, I began to see how short and fleeting life truly is… and I saw that Fred was right. Life is short. Get your living out while you can.

I started climbing out my shell, going to Open Mic Nites, testing the waters. In January, we wrote our first song, Cynical

We have now written 7 original songs, and we aren’t even close to being done. Unfortunately, gigs and recording studios may be farther into the future than anticipated. But we are making the best of the situation by providing what we can to online fans. We will keep bringing you content. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

I miss you Dad. You will always be one of my heroes… 

We live in scary times, guys. I know some of you feel like you’re barely hanging onto your sanity right now. Please hang in there, and find something to bring you some semblance of peace in your day. Take care of yourselves and each other…

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