🖋 Soundtrack of My Life: Nirvana's Something in the Way

🖋 Soundtrack of My Life: Nirvana's Something in the Way

The video is the soundtrack for this blog post. Play and listen before, during, or after reading.

I can’t even begin to fathom what Kurt was thinking and feeling when he sang these words, but the phrase ‘something in the way’, for me, has a dual meaning.

The first one being that I often, in my deep periodic depressions, feel as if I am something in the way. A problem for others, a nuisance, a leech. Sometimes I feel like I bring everyone else down. It’s a very intense and inescapable feeling to feel worthless. But many of us have felt it, at least once, even if only briefly.

The other way I see the phrase is how everything seems so complicated. You set a goal and it seems there are always barriers in the way. There are always roadblocks, and some of them seem insurmountable. There’s always something in the way of your happiness.

This dual ponderance is what I bring to the surface when I sing this song.


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